Why your next meeting should be a Breakfast meeting?

Breakfast meetings are becoming increasingly popular with firms all over London (and the world) and are quickly surpassing lunch meetings as the go-to time to get stuff done. If you haven’t yet got on this trend and have been sticking to your guns with your 12pm meeting over a sandwich or steak, maybe these reasons why breakfast meetings are better might just sway you:

1. More Availability

Everyone has lunch plans, other meetings go overtime, some have a half day and some just get bogged down with other work that they might cancel on you altogether. Having a morning meeting means that your colleagues or guests are more likely to be free and available and don’t have squeeze you in between lunch dates. A poll taken showed that 36 per cent believed it’s easier to pin someone down first thing and 42 per cent of employees regularly attend breakfast meetings.

2. More Alert/focussed

According to the same survey, morning meetings are believed to be more productive and produce positive outcomes than a meeting held later on in the day. 67 per cent of those surveyed said they were more alert and likely to pay attention and take part in discussions at the start of the day.

3. Feed Your Staff

Many people still choose to skip breakfast and head in to work with only a coffee to get them ready for the day. With a breakfast meeting, you can ensure that your staff are fed and eating a healthy breakfast to make them alert and more productive for the day. Breakfast can also be used to entice staff or business associates to attend.

4. Less Cancellations

Participants of the above poll stated that they were more likely to cancel an afternoon arrangement or meeting as they were struggling to concentrate, or become too busy with other work. Having your meeting held at the beginning of the day will ensure that your event is the first item on the attendee’s agenda and has their full focus for the duration of the meeting.  

So what are you waiting for? Check out our breakfast menus, gather your attendee list and contact our event coordinators  on 020 3141 3255 to book your breakfast meeting!

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