Video conferencing: the cost effective method of connecting across countries

The rise in video conferencing is having a major impact on the conference and event industry. Gone are the days when companies needed to spend thousands of pounds transporting delegates from around the world to one location for a meeting or conference. 41 Portland Place has seen a rise in demand for video conferences using our in-house, high specification equipment. Below we have list the benefits of using this technology compared to traditional conferences and offer some tips to help your video conference run like clockwork.

Why use video conferencing?

In the current economic client, many organisations are feeling the pressure on their spending on events. Video conferencing saves time and money by removing the need for the business travel and accommodation associated with bringing delegates together. Individuals or even groups of people from around the world can simply connect via a video conferencing unit and have the meeting as if everyone was in the same room. Not only does video conference save on transport and accommodation, it also helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion. Increasingly organisations are conscious of their contribution to pollution levels and the need to reduce their affect on the global environment insist on using it video conferencing.

The time it takes to pull together a video conference is significantly less than that of the traditional conference. Using video conferencing means there is no need to factor in uncertainties such as travel time or flight delays and weather disruptions when planning for multiple parties to meet at the same time. In just a few minutes people can be sat in front of a camera and screen, ready to talk face to face with a person on the other side of the planet. More people than ever are using video calling software on their personal computers and mobile devices, to effortlessly meet with colleagues and business associates from around the world, but needless to say the quality, security and extended capability of video conferencing offers a significantly better connection and overall experience than other mass-market consumer products.

Our top tips to ensure your video conference is a success:

Test in advance
Even though the host venue for the video conference may be fully equipped with state of the art equipment and have every expertise on hand, it can be difficult to predict issues that may arise due to incompatibilities between systems. I.T. security measures, such as firewalls, can vary from one organisation to another, potentially making simple connections troublesome and timely to work around. This is why we always recommend running tests between all parties involved in advance of the conference. Should there be any problems, the expert technicians will have time to resolve whatever problem arises.

Ensure technical support is available
It is advisable to have expert technical support available before and during the conference. The peace of mind of a technician on hand to quickly deal with unforeseen or unexpected issues will leave you relaxed and free to focus on getting the most out of the discussions.

Always have a contingency plan
Even if you have tested thoroughly and have an expert technician on hand, you should always plan for the unexpected! Technology is not faultless, and this is why at 41 Portland Place we always  offer teleconferencing facilities as back up.

Video conferencing at 41 Portland Place

We recently hosted an event at which interviews with candidates from all over the world took place in the Wolfson Conference Suite. Thanks to the thorough testing in advance of the event, every video call was connected trouble-free and on time according to client’s tight schedule. Over two days, the event connected to Peru, Ethiopia, Japan, Australia, South Africa and five other countries.

For more information on video conferencing, or to discuss how it can be part of your next event contact the events team at 41 Portland Place.

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