The Theory of Food – Tonic Launch

London Caterer Tonic, part of the Harbour & Jones collection, launched last night hosting over 300 event professionals for an experiential evening to be awed. Wowing with their new food stall, canapé and bowl food creations.

Guests we’re presented with ‘The Theory of Food’ – their thought-provoking and highly innovative menu. Their interactive live food stalls and science-based food concepts provided non-stop drama and surprise throughout the night. Toying with the physics of food whilst introducing new concepts and flavours, they took catering to another level to showcase the new brand.

Some classic flavour combinations, enhanced with innovative cooking techniques, provided out-of-this-world dishes that fitted perfectly with the spectacular venue. One particular favourite was a ‘levitating’ petri dish of delicate pasta pillows filled with flavoured butters, gin bubbles with a tonic cloud and samphire, topped off with tomato water bubbles. Guests also played hide and seek using infrared thermal cameras to ‘forage’ for cheddar doughnuts with cep sugar, BBQ duck doughnuts with HP gravy and puffed salmon skin with frozen salmon milk. Sweet and savoury lollipops were frozen before guests’ eyes and included flavours such as green apple and tuna katsuobushi and Seville orange and salted duck skin.

An incredible evening for guests to marvel at their newest concepts! 

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