Spotlight on… Product Launches

Dedicated press launches are a great way to attract the news outlets and get your target consumers talking about new products and software. Here at 41PP, we love launching new products, concepts and services with our clients. Over the last couple of years we’ve held events with Warner music, Dove Vitality, Jaeger, Neom Organics and Zoella (youtube sensation) just to name a few.

Each of our spaces have been used for brand launches depending on the size of the event, the products displayed and how the space will be used. Our Exhibition Area was chosen by M&Co for its lighting, blank walls and how the space flows. The Wolfson Conference Suite with its fully sound proofed auditorium was used for Warner music’s intimate artist launch for a select few key industry experts. The Laurie Landeau & Fellows Rooms were used by Melas Group for the ability to add a runway and movement for models. Our first floor is our most popular space for press launches as the gorgeous high ceilings, Georgian features and interconnecting rooms make a perfect backdrop to showcase every product.

All the spaces at 41 Portland Place create an elegant but modern feel while showcasing stunning Georgian features and all the latest AV equipment to ensure all events run without a hitch. The spaces are perfectly suited to creative branding with blank canvas decor and beautiful features to make the space speak your brand.

Whether you’re looking to launch your next beauty must have, a new wine selection to your traders or a piece of revolutionary software for the masses we could have the space for you. 

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