Sackler Lecture

On Thursday, The Academy of Medical Sciences
hosted the Sackler Event at 41 Portland Place

At the event, Professor Elaine Fuchs, Professor of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development
at the Rockefeller University delivered the Sackler Lecture in our John Newsom-Davis
Council Chamber.

This year’s lecture formed part of the Academy’s #MedSciLife programme which aims to share
the life experiences of those working in biomedical research, to celebrate diversity and provide
advice and support to biomedical researchers at all stages of their career. Professor Fuchs’ described
her career path to date and the opportunities and challenges she has experienced along the way.
She shared reflections on how her experience both inside and outside the lab have benefited her
work and shaped the researcher she is today.

After Professor Fuch’s lecture attendees were treated to a delicious informal lunch provided and
specially created by our Head Chef, Julian from Harbour & Jones. Touches of colour were added
to the lunch set up through the use of bright blue napkins and glasses, coloured cordials served in
mini glasses, and a tasty collection of bright desserts including fudge, macaroons and Turkish
delights served on a typesetter stand.

If you missed the Sackler Lecture Event, see the
mouth watering bespoke menu below:

Fork Buffet Main option:

Lemon & dill cured salmon
Beetroot cured salmon
Smoked salmon with blinis and herb butters
Cooked grilled tiger prawns
Chicken skewers


Houmous, red pepper houmous, lemon & coriander houmous
Capers/ pickles
Roasted peppers
Grilled aubergine & courgette
Marinated artichokes


Roasted beetroot salad
Carrot &/ red cabbage slaw



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