Risotto Master Class by Will Carvalho

At 41 Portland Place Head Chef Will Carvalho, supported by award winning caterer Harbour & Jones, has the creative freedom to design the most fantastic dishes. He also loves to share his passion for cooking at our culinary master classes exclusively for regular clients of 41 Portland Place.
Catherine Luckin from the Academy of Medical Sciences gate crashed the master class and talks us through her experience.

On a cold wintery afternoon I joined a small group of previous 41 Portland Place clients to experience one of Chef Will’s cooking master classes. As head chef of 41 Portland Place Will is well known for the interesting combinations that feature on his menus – dark chocolate mousse with fried shallot and asparagus cappuccino topped with almonds are a couple that Will hinted during the class will be appearing soon.

Today however he took us slightly back to basics by showing us the secrets to making the perfect risotto. As lots of wine is required for this recipe, I was impressed by Will’s professionalism that step one of the recipe was not to pour himself a glass. Throughout the master class he gave us many other handy cooking tips (Brussels sprouts: Blanch for a couple of minutes until crunchy then roast or pan fry in butter or oil until slightly coloured) but for now: on with the risotto!

The recipe:

The ingredients:

It turned out to be a great afternoon of team building and under Will’s guidance we all managed to produce a lovely risotto, proving this recipe foolproof! I’ve tried it out on friends since and they were most impressed.

Top tip from Will: with leftover risotto, shape into balls, cover in breadcrumbs and deep fry (you can add cheese in the middle too!). Yummy Arancini!

Do you have a question for Head Chef Will Carvalho? You can email Will directly if you like.

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