Recipe Of The Month – Slow cooked beef feather blade, roast heritage carrots, potato & chive rosti, pancetta wrapped asparagus & jus

This month we’ve got one of our Autumn / Winter Menu favourites, a delicious cut of feather blade beef served with fresh veg and a rich jus to top it off. 

For the feather blade

Place the meat a large roasting pan, cover with stock, add bay leaves, garlic, seasoning, red wine and slow cook at 140c for four/five hours. When ready the meat should fall apart with ease.

Then take the meat out of the roasting pan in to a bowl and pull apart. Season and roll in cling film into a sausage-like shape, around 3 inches in diameter & chill.

When ready, cut into cylinders around 3 inches high, reheat to above 70c in the jus (remember to remove the cling film before serving!).

For the asparagus

Trim the asparagus to around 4 inches in length and remove the petals on the stalk all the way to the base of the tip.

Roll the pancetta around the stalk tightly, place in a hot pan and sauté turning when needed until the pancetta is golden brown.

For the carrots

Peel, and cut length ways down the carrot, then peel the sides and tip to remove the hard edges, sauté in hot pan with oil and butter until golden brown.

For the chive rosti

Grate the potato and chop the chives, mix together and add seasoning, place the grated potato into a hot pan and spread it around the shape of the pan until you have a smooth flat round surface. Fry until golden brown then flip and repeat. When ready drain on to a jay cloth or paper towel, slice and serve.

For the jus

Reduce the cooking stock until thick and it has a cream-like consistency, strain through muslin cloth and pour when ready.

Arrange on a plate and serve!

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