Recipe of the Month – Pork Belly with Mint and Tomato Risotto

Stuck with what to make for your family Easter dinner this weekend? Search no further!

After you’ve eaten all the chocolate eggs and bunnies you could possibly fit in, wow your family and friends with a delicious home cooked hearty meal. Our Pork Belly Risotto recipe is sure to get you out of that inevitable sugar coma!


-Pork Belly

-Risotto Rice




-Olive Oil



-Parmesan Cheese

For The Pork Belly

1)      Season the pork belly with salt, pepper and thinly chopped thyme.

2)      Wrap the seasoned pork belly in clingfilm.

3)      Cook in the oven at 140 for 4 hours.

4)      Chill and press and leave overnight.

5)      In the morning, unwrap the pork belly, trim the skin and leave the fat.

6)      Score the fat in a cold pan, turn up the heat and sear until golden brown.

7)      Warm in the oven until serving

For The Risotto

1)      Finely dice shallots.

2)      Place in a pan with olive oil, add risotto rice and sweat on a gentle heat until the shallots are clear.

3)      Add vegetable stock a small portion at a time until the rice doubles in size.

4)      Dice tomatoes and chop mint.

5)      When the risotto is ready add the above along with butter and parmesan cheese.

6)      Season to taste.

7)      Serve and enjoy.

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