Yes, we may be slightly biased, but we believe our beautiful Georgian townhouse is the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. As our venue was originally built to be a grand home and designed by one of the most prominent architects in Georgian Britain, we love the homely feel our guests get when they hold their wedding at our venue. What’s more is on weekends the entire house is yours to use as you wish.

If you’re still not convinced that a small wedding is right for you – we’ve come up with a few reasons to keep your numbers low.

Spending more time with your guests

We have all been to a wedding where you’re lucky to get 5 minutes with the couple! You see the couple working their way around the room trying to make sure they don’t miss anyone out instead of relaxing and enjoying their day.

With a smaller wedding, you really do have more quality time to spend with your guests without worrying you have to go and speak to the next guest. And, most importantly you can actually enjoy your day!

You also get exclusive use of the venue meaning there’s no chance of bumping in to another bride (not what you want!) Instead, you and your guests can enjoy the day together.

Budget – always important!

When you reduce the number of guests, the costs of course will naturally go down. If budget is important to you, inviting your nearest and dearest might be the best choice.

Remember, this is your day. So, as much as you want to please everyone it’s all about you two.

Do it your way

Saving money on venue and guest list can mean that you can put more money into the areas that mean the most to you! Dying for month long honeymoon? Always imagined walking into a room with floor to ceiling flowers covering every inch? Sounds amazing! Instead of your entire budget being blown on 200 guest meals, you can choose where your money will go! Having a smaller wedding allows you to add the special touches that you always dreamed of.

Less Stressful

With a smaller guest list and a smaller venue – fewer things can go wrong! There are less people who might be no-shows (how dare they!), less people to worry about on the seating plan, organising accommodation, the list is endless…

At our venue the entire house is yours to use exclusively – so no stress about what will happen if your suppliers turn up early, if you might bump into another bride or if there will be a place for grandparents to go to get away from the loud music. At our 41 Portland Place, our close-knit team are here to ensure your wedding is as stress-free as possible!

Clearly, we’re a big fan of the smaller weddings, if you are too, contact our wedding co-ordinators to arrange a virtual show round!

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