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The newest addition to 41PP’s team Nikki Kelly Ayling is London’s ‘event prof’ on blog spot. As an enthusiastic new starter to the industry Nikki shares her thoughts and experiences working in the events world. This week Nikki discusses Pinterest and shares ideas for marketing ideas for venues.

“Having stumbled across the new kid on the block in the social media world Pinterest, I am well and truly hooked. Coming from a styling background I am a magpie for anything visually stimulating. I wouldn’t say I have an addictive personality however I can sit for hours ‘pinning’ beautiful images of lavish events, mouth watering recipe ideas and spectacular locations from across the globe.

Originally from across the pond, Pinterest was introduced into the UK through Chinese whispers. The clever marketing of ‘invite only’ access and follow up ‘you’re in’ email from ‘Ben at the Pinterest team’ makes every member feel like a social media guru.

In December 2011, the virtual pin board site became one of the top 10 social networking services with 11 million visits per week, in turn driving more traffic to retailers than Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube.

So what exactly is Pinterest? The easiest way to describe this genius idea is a virtual pin board. Members can upload images and videos known as pins, these ‘pins’ can then be easily organized and categorized on boards which then are displayed on the main page which can be discovered and re-pined by other users.

The beauty of this site is the more re-pins you get the further your brand/business name will travel. This makes a great complementary marketing platform for business’s to share their ideas and show off their venues with visually outstanding images.

Below is a teaser of what Pinterest has to offer I have recently created a page for 41 Portland Place which you can view here.”

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