Our top 5 tips to planning your company’s best summer party yet

So you’ve taken on the task of organising your company’s summer party. Your boss is expecting something amazing in Central London within budget (of course), your co workers want an open bar, HR want everyone to make it through the night without falling over, and you just want it all to go without a hitch.

Never fear, we have top 5 tips to creating your company’s best summer party ever.

1. Outside space

Number one on the top of your  list should be some outdoor space.  As soon as the sun peeks out from behind those grey clouds, we rush outside to any park, terrace or patch of grass we can find to  soak in some Vitamin D. Your company summer party is no different. Find a venue with a beautiful outdoor area and you’ll  be miles ahead of that dingy bowling alley you had to endure at last year’s party.

2. Beautiful Indoor Space

Now this sounds like a contradiction, but remember this is the Great British Summer. While you want the option of a pretty outdoor area, you also need to have sufficient indoor space in case (heaven forbid) it rains. The indoor space should be adjoining – or very close in case the weather quickly takes a turn for the worse. Find a room that is as pretty inside as your incredible outside area, that way if there’s a freak thunderstorm, your colleagues will not be left with a highly average pokey space for their damp summer party.

3. A venue close to the office

Find a venue reasonably close to the office – or one with great transport links. Your colleagues make the trip to work each day so it’s obvious that your office location is accessible to everyone. If you choose a venue that is around the corner from the office, then even Carol from accounts can’t complain about a terrible commute. This increases the likelihood that more of the office will be able to attend, reducing the cringe-worthy phone call to your boss that only 20 out of 80 have RSVP’d yes.

4. Research the caterers

You don’t want to be the one who chose the venue with the food so average your guests would have have rather walked the 100m to a Pret down the street. Once you’ve chosen your venue, research the in house caterers and make sure their food offerings are delicious. If they have a BBQ menu and are happy to serve this out in our outdoor space BONUS. If it’s within your means (or budget) an unlimited drinks package is likely to make everyone happy, make sure there’s something for everyone; beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks.

5. Book early

y=You want a beautiful venue that has great outdoor and indoor space, is close to the office with yummy food all within budget? AND the boss specifically requested a Thursday afternoon in June? You better make sure you book early, early, early! That perfect venue is likely to get snapped up by some other lucky company on your preferred date, so quickly get researching and put a hold on that date before you miss out!

Check out our Summer Party Packages –which incidentally includes all of the above! 

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