Our Favourite Winter Wedding Styling Ideas

When your wedding coincides with the best time of the year, what do you do? Pay homage in the most tasteful way possible! We found our favourite ways to incorporate a little Winter styling into your wedding.

1. Mulled Wine Stall

What better alcoholic drink to add to your wedding when the weather is in the single digits outside? Mulled wine of course! Create a gorgeously styled mulled wine stall into your wedding and watch your guests delight in your out-of-the-box wedding concept

2. Blankets for Guests

Your guests have their mulled wine, now all they need is a cosy blanket to keep them warm while they watch you waltz down the aisle (even more necessary if our outdoor terrace is your chosen ceremony space!). Choose blankets to suit your wedding theme, or go mismatched for a lovely eclectic addition to your wedding.

3. Pine Cone Styling

They’re cheap, adorable and look perfect with green ferns and leafy bouquets. Why not add this as a subtle inclusion to your centrepieces, aisle or room styling reminding your guests of the excitement of the season (Christmas- and your wedding of course!).

4. Christmas Tree Favours

Gorgeous, symbolic (‘watch our love grow’) and something that pays tribute to the time of the year. We absolutely love the idea of giving mini Christmas trees as favours to all guests who attend your wedding breakfast. So original and something your guests can forever keep and remember you and your big day

5. Marshmallow Toasting

Including a marshmallow toasting stall will add a little touch of cosy glam to your Winter Wedding. Your guests will thank you as they warm up with some delicious sugar sweets during pre dinner drinks, until you unveil the main wedding dinner!

6. Red + Greenery

The colours red and green scream Christmas, but bring your inspiration from the festive season while still creating an elegant wedding theme with deeper colours. We love deep rose red with leafy greens ensuring a stylish and dramatic colour theme, perfect for a winter wedding.

Want more Winter Wedding inspiration? Check out our Winter Wedding Inspiration Pinterest Board

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