Our Favourite Wedding Favour Ideas

We all love going to a wedding and coming out with something super cute that will remind us of our friend’s or relative’s big day. However, so often that wedding favour just ends up in the bin or shoved in a drawer somewhere, only to be brought out every big spring clean. Here are our favourite ways to jazz up your wedding favours and make sure this doesn’t happen for yours!

1. Personalised Tea Bags

In true British fashion, what more could your guests want to remember your special day than cute personalised tea bags with your wedding date and initials on it? At the very least, you’ll know the majority of your British relatives will make good use of their wedding favour rather than it gathering dusk somewhere on a bookshelf.

2. Mini wine bottles

You just know that your guests will appreciate a mini wine or champagne bottle to finish off their night, or to leave in their pantry until your anniversary (or a particularly bad week at work- whatever comes first!). Embellish with your wedding date or something related to your wedding theme (we love ‘drink me’ for an Alice In Wonderland themed wedding!)

3. Key bottle openers

Any wedding favour that doubles as both something cute and something useful is definitely likely to impress your guests. Keys are adorable and very fitting for a wedding (key to my heart, secret garden theme, lock it down etc.). We’ll also bet that every time you go to open a bottle, you can’t find an opener – no one can ever have too many!

4. Chilli/ Hot sauce bottles

These adorable bottles with ‘Thank you for spicing up our special day’ embellished on the label are an original touch for your wedding. So cute, tasty, and useful little wedding favours for your guests to take home at the end of the night.

5. Mini succulents

We love the idea of giving something out of the ordinary that your guests can look after and watch grow, all while remembering all the fun they had watching you and your fiancé tie the knot. Succulents are pretty, so trendy right now and so easy to take care of, that even the those without a green thumb can keep them forever!

6. Lucky Bamboo

Along the same lines as the succulents, lucky bamboo is a cute little feature to add to your wedding and gift to your guests. Two stalks in a bamboo ‘tree’ is said to be given as an expression of love, and is meant to double your luck! And don’t we all need a little bit of luck- and something pretty to add to our living room? (We sure do). 

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