Our Favourite Cultural Street Food That We Wish Were In London

Here at 41 Portland Place, we are big lovers of delicious food. Anything new and exciting- we’ll try it! We love the weird and the wonderful – and we love getting our food quick and easy. We’ve tracked down the most mouth-watering street food available around the world that we hope will be on its way to London (preferably Marylebone, Portland Place..) very, very soon!

Breakfast in a Cup – Found in New Orleans, LA

Forget bowl food- the new ‘thing’ hitting the streets of New Orleans is food in a cup! While the ‘go cup’ is usually reserved for your morning coffee on your way to work, why not just take your whole breakfast on the go. Now New Orleanians don’t have to sacrifice their morning fry up when they’re running late- this Breakfast in a Cup includes two scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and gravy.

Salteñas – Found in Bolivia

Yum yum. If you’re in Bolivia you can stroll down the high street and head to a street stall and in a minute you could be munching on a delicious Saltena. They are empanada- like pastries filled with beef, chicken or pork and mixed with a spicy sauce. Other ingredients may include peas, olives, raisins, herbs and boiled eggs. Definitely one to try if you’re in town.

Panelle- Found In Sicily

Clearly our favourite street food is all about the fried food… Panelle is fried chickpea polenta. Mouthwatering and moreish, once you’ve tried one of these you’ll want at least three more. Eat them alone, or in a sandwich bun for a more substantial meal, or just eat until you feel as though you’ve had a substantial meal (guilty).

Tlacoyo – Found In Mexico

Love your tacos? If you’re in Mexico give the traditional dish Tlacoyo a try from the many food stalls dotted around the city. A tlacoyo is an oval shaped fried patty made of masa. Fatter than corn tortillas, tlacoyos are delicious filled with cooked beans, chicharron, cheese and other ingredients. Best eaten fresh so perfect from a food stall where you watch them make it in front of you and can choose your yummy additions!

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