New AV in August – Coming Soon!

We’re upgrading! Always one to look for ways we can improve and maximise our client’s experience, 41 Portland Place is undergoing upgrades throughout the month of August.

Been feeling the heat this week? As London Summer has finally arrived – never fear, our brand spanking new upgrades are getting put in place to ensure that never again will you be stuck in a stuffy room in the middle of Summer. Our beautiful John Newsom-Davis Council Chamber and Reception Room will be installed with five new fan coil air conditioning units allowing us to control the temperature and ensure that all guests are perfectly comfortable at any time of the year.

This upgrade will bring our first floor to the same refreshing temperatures as our Wolfson Conference Suite and Laurie Landeau Room, ensuring that all of our rooms on the ground and first floor will now have air conditioning available.

Also exciting for all of those techy businesses out there – we have recently upgraded our wifi and internet line creating a faster, easier service for all guests to utilize. We have advanced from a 10Mbps to a 40Mbps fibre internet line so guests can log on and tweet to their hearts content!

That’s not all! Our Wolfson Conference Suite and John Newsom Davis Council Chamber now have a HDMI connection to the already built in HD projector making for an easy set up for music, sound and laptop connectivity!

Want to try out our new spruced up spaces? Be the first by booking an event for September. Contact our Event Coordinator’s on 020 3141 3255 to make your enquiry today!

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