Let’s wine and dine

Planning a party? Let us suggest a bottle or two for the occasion

With only a week until the clocks go back, mince pies in the shops and Christmas lights appearing (fortunately not yet lit) on Oxford Street, I think party season can be said to have well and truly started!

You could argue that any time of the year can be ‘party season’. I’m sure you’ve spent a good deal of the summer enjoying the sun on a rooftop or in an adorned garden, but I think we can all agree, the most indulgent parties belong to the Christmas season.On this note, let’s talk about something that we all know will be in abundance: alcohol. Or to be more specific, wine. There’s no point having a party without some decent vino to lubricate the occasion, and when it comes to choice, we at 41 Portland Place have the perfect list.


Flying the flag for exceptional English sparkling wines, we have Bluebell Vineyard Estates. Set amidst bluebell-strewn woods in Sussex, this family-run vineyard and winery produce the award-winning Hindleap wines, named for the hill just beyond the vineyards. Hindleap Classic Cuvee is a chardonnay-dominant blend, with floral notes of elderflower, orange blossom and a hint of spice and zesty notes of mandarin, pink grapefruit and pear. For any reception this pairs perfectly with our citrus-cured sea bass, caviar and crème fraiche blinis.




From the Northern Italian region of Piedmont, we have the Gavi Cortese Tenuta Neirano 2017.  Gavi is among the white Piedmont classics, made from the region’s native cortese grapes. The wine is light, pale yellow in colour and has aromas of honeysuckle and almonds, perfectly balanced with citrus fruits. We suggest matching it with our canape of Colston Basset Stilton and chestnut gnocchi, charred pumpkin and baby kale.


From Portugal’s third largest wine producing region, the Lisboa, that extends north and west of Lisbon, we have the Grand Arte Pinot Noir 2013. This bright ruby wine has a velvety texture with notes of blackberries, cedar and subtle toast coming from nine months’ ageing in French oak barrels. Pairing perfectly with fromage, why not treat your guests to a deluxe cheeseboard reception?

These are just three examples taken from our 41 Portland Place wine list, which we’re confident has something to appeal to everyone. As always though, we are not confined to our list and if you have your heart set on a particular wine, we are more than happy to supply it for your event.


Whatever the party, we’re happy to help bring your ideas to life, so why not give our events team a call on 020 3141 3255 or email enquiries@41portlandplace.com

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