How to enhance your event with 41PP’s mobile app

The team at 41 Portland Place have a wealth of event knowledge. Each month we share tips on how to make your event a success. This month we talk through our mobile application and explain how it can take the pressure off event organisers and enhance guests’ experience of events at 41 Portland Place.

What is the app

41 Portland Place is the only London events venue to offer a free downloadable mobile application. The app acts as a virtual brochure with information about the venue such as room pictures and capacities, seasonal menus, team contacts and historical venue facts available direct to your phone. It also contains an interactive Google map to plot useful amenities near to 41 Portland Place, such as coffee shops, restaurants and pharmacies and can give directions by car, public transport or on foot, direct to the venue, together with an estimated journey time from anywhere in the world.

The app also includes an event specific area called ‘My Event’ which can be accessed via any phone with an internet connection. This section creates a virtual hub for the use of attendees at each event, allowing them secure access to practical information such as the event programme, a list of attendees or other resources uploaded by the event organiser including speaker presentations or break out group information.

How the app can help

When booking the venue

Use the app to get an idea of how the space might work for your event before a venue visit.

Share the app with colleagues so they can see what the venue looks without leaving the office.

Before your event

Ask attendees to download the app before the event so that they can use their phone for directions to the venue rather than sending printed maps and written directions.

Send potential attendees the log on for the secure ‘my event’ section to access the programme as it develops as a way of encouraging bookings.

Upload menus for the day so that any attendees with special dietary requirements can see what is available and contact you for personalised options.

During your event

Create a virtual delegate pack by uploading a delegate list to the ‘my event’ section to help attendees network and swap contacts.  The pack can also include slides for speaker presentations that attendees can view on either their phone or iPad both before and after sessions. This saves you time and money that would normally be spent on printing delegate information.

After your event

The ‘my event’ section stays live after the event so attendees can use the unique log on to view post event reports such as a conference write up, a summary of breakout sessions or a flicker photo stream of images from the event.

Add a feedback form to the ‘my event’ section and encourage attendees to tell you what they thought of the day.

The 41 Portland Place app can be downloaded for free from or scan the QR code above for instant access.

To discuss how our app can save you time and money when organising your event at 41 Portland Place contact or call Hannah on 020 3176 2177.

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