How to bring your event to life

The team at 41 Portland Place have a wealth of event knowledge. Each month we share tips on how to make your event a success. This month we discuss a few ideas you can adopt to add that extra special something to your event.

How to bring your event to life

After a long day of meetings, often sitting down inside a room, people want to relax and have a bit of fun as well. A drinks reception after a conference is the perfect way for attendees to mingle and network. Here are some tips to make your reception stand out from the crowd.


Moving from one meeting room to the one next door doesn’t send a very exciting signal. Check with your venue if something out of the ordinary is available, a hallway, library or exhibition area can often be transformed by your caterers into a reception space. For the summer time an outside space, like the terrace at 41 Portland Place could be perfect for people to recharge their energy levels and leave with a positive feeling. Make sure you discuss back up options as you never know when the heavens might open up.


To ensure your event is remembered make use of some special features. Live music creates a festive atmosphere however it does often come with a price tag. By setting up a focus point in the middle of the room you will break up the space and make it more natural for people to stand around. An ice sculpture will be something people will talk about and with the right artist you can use the sculpture to tie in with your corporate logo or the topic of the day’s discussion. Surrounding the sculpture there are endless options of canapé displays, live food stalls, a cocktail bar or chefs demonstration to further excite your guests.


Work together with your venue to select a theme for your event. Use your company’s colour scheme to create different ambiance through coloured linens and different lighting. Up lighting columns in different colours is a way to turn an old archway into a feature entrance.

The team at 41 Portland Place have a wealth of experience planning and hosting fantastic receptions.

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