House of Peroni returns to 41 Portland Place

During the summer, 41 Portland Place became one of the most popular London addresses after it was chosen to host the House of Peroni for the month of July. After a successful first round, The House opened its doors once again on 6th November for a new instalment of Italian creativity, this time focussing on film and fashion.

 The building underwent a whole host of alterations to create a space designed by award-winning architect and co-designer of the Enzo Ferrari museum, Andrea Morgante.  The House of Peroni took over two floors of 41 Portland Place and featured two beautifully designed bars in the Laurie Landeau Room and the Council Chamber serving a drinks menu developed by master mixologist Gerry Calabrese. 

 The Wolfson Conference Suite was transformed into a luxurious cinema for a unique film event.  Guests enjoyed a screening of the critically acclaimed film The Great Beauty, directed by Paolo Sorrentino, while enjoying a specially designed multiple dish taster menu that brought to life the tastes, smells and textures shown in the film.

41 Portland Place’s transformation in numbers

1. Decorations carried out with 8 men over 6 nights with 150L of paint.

2.  The project overall had 34 men contracted to carry out the works

3. Over 200m2 of timber flooring was layed over the existing carpet.

4. 40m2 of live ivy wall was installed to the garden.

5. It took 3 men 3 days to erect and decorate the infinity room.

6. We used over 150 large 8×4 sheets of temporary protection board.

7. It took 7 men to lift the largest acrylic sculpture on the main stair to the 1st floor.

8. Approx 1000m of cable was used in the installation.

9. New white fascias to the black fridges were agreed 3 hours before opening night delivered and installed 5mins before doors opened to the public.

10. It took only 4 days to remove the entire installation from site after the event.

 For more information about full venue buy-outs, please contact Ali on 0203 176 2177.

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