Head Chef Will Carvalho goes ‘Eco’ with his uniform

Head Chef Will Carvalho and his army of kitchen staff at 41 Portland Place will now be wearing chef shirts made from recycled bottles and waste polyester fibre. This groundbreaking jacket has all the durability, quality and comfort required for a chef’s jacket, but with a significantly lower environmental impact.

The jackets are recycled from 25 two litre water bottles, so save the CO2 that would be created by incinerating them. Producing the jackets also requires 80% less energy than standard jackets so there is a significant overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from their production.

At 41 Portland Place we are committed to our Corporate Responsibility programme. We are already ensuring our sourcing, production, recycling and training practices are acting in an eco friendly manner and are always looking for ways (no matter how small) to improve our impact on the environment.

Head Chef Will Carvalho, is encouraging other chefs to make the change with their uniform.  He says:

“As a chef I’m well aware how important it is to look after the environment that provides us with such beautiful ingredients. I’m always striving to ensure that I’m acting in an eco friendly way and I’m encouraging all the other Chefs out there to show their support and make the change to these jackets. They’re really comfortable and the same price as a regular chef’s jacket so there’s no excuse not to make an eco friendly change!”

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