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Five Top Tips For Wedding Planning. A go to guide to plan your wedding perfectly! I’m Natalie, wedding planner, stylist, coordinator and business owner of Luna rose events & weddings, welcome to my guide of 5 top tips to wedding planning. In those early days of engagement its easy to be overwhelmed with the wedding world, so I’ve put together this handy blog to help you plan your wedding with full confidence and know-how, focussing on the most important things to consider when planning your day, lets talk it through step by step!
Take the time to sit down with your partner and list at least 3-5 top priorities and most important aspects of your day, really think about it, what means the most to you, what will you look back on and be overjoyed that you included this in your day. When meeting my new potential clients & couples, knowing the priorities of the event are a must for me, I want to be sure they have exactly what they require on their event, especially what matters most to them as a couple.

wedding menu – this could be of real importance to you, if your like me & a real foodie this could be the most important thing for you, you may want to create a menu together for your guests to enjoy, and be the talk of the day!
photography & videography – already know your ideal style of photography? this is for most couples a very important part of the day as they want those forever shots to be exactly what they dream of, many photographers have a different take on capturing a wedding day, so be sure to do some research if this is one of those top 3 for you.
friends, family & alone time – this is also a very popular priority with my clients, making sure to take the time to visit each close friend and family fitting in the table rounds as well as setting time aside in the wedding timeline to be sure to spend some secret moments together.
Guest Experience – having the band you 100% know will get your guests up and dancing the night away leaving the wedding, knowing they had the best time!
Wedding Investment – Your wedding investment, or budget for your wedding, go through your finances, and how much you are comfortable to spend on your day, you should be able to get venue estimates on numbers in order to do this, you can either visit a venue first, but i often feel knowing , your figure before, may help in the venue search, going to your venue being honest with your limit and see what they can work with, don’t feel intimidated by price of venues or vendors, some vendors work independently and know the costs that go into a wedding day, they will often work to offer the best deal they can, same with venues.
have budget window & do not settle –
his means instead of having an exact number, budget a window you can afford, this way if things change along the way and you decide other options for your day their is wiggle room in your budget, be sure to include those important priorities we talked about earlier- first!
don’t settle quickly, wedding planning takes on average of 12-18 months to plan sometimes longer, and if wanting to save for those special features their is no harm in planning for 2 years + so you can save up and not stretch the bank, don’t settle on suppliers, venues, planner etc be sure to look around, take it all in and meet lots of potential suppliers before making a quick decision, this can be a real money saver.
Venue search –
Once you have your guest numbers, along with style, themes, colours you can kick off your venue search!
Have a really good look round make sure your comfortable with the space and what the venue has to offer, if its a rustic wedding your after, barn wedding venues have gorgeous warmth and can make your wedding feel really cosy and natural.
The classic wedding where its all about you two and your special day, then I highly recommend a beautiful Georgian townhouse, you can add any in any theme to make your wedding stand out, from vintage to modern white wedding.
41 Portland Place situated in a in London’s Marylebone, this venue has so much to offer, this venue hosts stunning roof top terrace to hold your fairy tale ceremony and my favourite the John Newsom-Davis Suite to hold your wedding breakfast and reception.
Enjoy the venue search, make a list of questions so you don’t forget, and once booked -open that champagne!
This is something you may have not given thought to, its not necessarily couples first thoughts on planning a wedding.
wedding planner & coordinator – the facts – this for me comes a close second after budgeting. Planners are often met with a stigma that they suit only larger budget weddings. this is NOT the case, just ask my wonderful everyday couples & clients, planners are for anyone getting married wanting professional assistance & management on the all important wedding day. not only do wedding planners know money saving tips & suppliers, as well as the very best quality vendors, we know how to plan. really intensely plan so that you and your partner can enjoy the process of getting married and organising your wedding instead of the overwhelming stress that follows suit.

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