Five reasons to have a London Winter Wedding

Five reasons to have a London Winter Wedding

Everything can be a tough decision when planning for your perfect London Wedding Day, from the guest list to the flower centrepieces, and the all so special date.

To get your head in planning mode we are taking you through the top 5 reasons to host your once in a lifetime day in the winter.

Festive Decorations

Setting your wedding date during the month of December is sure to bring some complimentary decorations with the majority of London Winter wedding venues, think fairy lights galore and candles decorating each mantel or windowsill. The perks of a festive time London wedding bring a lot of freebie decorations. Leaving you extra cash to splurge on your wedding menu, honeymoon, or your outfits. This gives you the chance to embrace the magic of Christmas for your day.

Off-peak Period

Generally, winter is considered an off-peak season to host your London wedding, as couples often prefer the weather that maybe comes with a Summer/Spring date. However, hosting your special day during the off-peak season comes with many benefits, not only do you avoid the busy calendars of all your other friends getting married, going on their annual holiday, or attending someone else’s special event, the price tag is often a lot softer! London Winter weddings will often see a significant decrease in price compared to one in the height of summer as the venue will find any way to get their venue booked all year round. Throw in the additional decorations the London Wedding venue provide in the lead up to Christmas and you have already saved yourself a small fortune.

Weather prepared 

Booking your London wedding with the intention of it being a winter wedding, very few weather surprises can get to you. You would have already decided on an inside location most probably so there is no rush to activate plan B and move everything inside if the weather does change. We all know summer weddings in the UK are not guaranteed to give you the expected sunshine, whereas if you’ve opted for a winter wedding, any glimmer of sun is a bonus, but you won’t be disappointed if the sun doesn’t show its face.

A more formal affair

If your wedding is based largely around being on the dance floor all night long, a Winter wedding is the perfect option with the sun going down a lot sooner.  Kicking off the heels and getting a few cocktails in are often activities that naturally flow once the sun has set, so you can get the party stared a lot sooner. Plus, it can sometimes be too hot in summer for glitz and glam of black tie mixed with the dancing.

Cost effective travel & accommodation

It doesn’t have to all be about the wedding venue itself, think of the honeymoon after, guests travel to the wedding and overnight accommodation at the venue. Booking a wedding in what is considered the off season will also bring a discount on all of these things. Plus choosing a Winter month means that your guests are not all wedding’d out as they would be in the peak summer season, people will look forward to getting out of their Winter comfies and getting all glammed up, they will be sure to make use of overnight accommodation and make the most of your wedding weekend.

So, you’ve got the discounts, you’ve got the magical decorations and you’ve got the venue that doesn’t need a plan B depending on how the weather behaves that day, what more do you need to be convinced a winter wedding is the way forward!



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