Ever thought about sustainable events?

The team at 41 Portland Place have a wealth of event knowledge. Each month we share tips on how to make your event a success. This month we discuss a few ideas you ensure your event is sustainable.

Ever thought about sustainable events?

Working with our suppliers

We encourage all of our suppliers to minimise the amount of packaging used on incoming goods, while being mindful of food hygiene requirements.  Wherever possible we use ‘environmentally caring’ foodstuffs, e.g. tuna fish caught in dolphin friendly nets, free range eggs etc.  As a business we will not knowingly purchase foods that contain GM ingredients.  All of our suppliers confirm in writing that they comply with our policy.

Think about what you’re buying

All of your food will be made fresh on the day, bought in just for you.  No long storage times in freezers or large amounts of product waste due to over-ordering.  That’s an easy way to keep both electricity and wastage down.  If we have to buy disposable packaging for something on the go, then compostable packaging is our preference.

Bottled water served at events at 41 Portland Place is dispensed onsite from a Vivreau water filter.  This means we don’t need regular water deliveries, thus reducing traffic congestion and pollution levels, plus all water bottles are washed after every use and re-used, which means less waste is created. 

Buying locally and with the seasons is our food philosophy, for maintaining the high quality of our produce and our British ethos.  Buying locally also reduces the number of miles the food travels.


In the current economic climate; many organisations are feeling the pressure on their wallets when organising events.  Video conferencing saves time and money by removing the need for business travel and accommodation expenses associated with bringing delegates together.  Individuals or groups of people from around the world can simply connect via a video conferencing unit and have the meeting as if everyone was in the same room.  Not only does video conferencing save on transport and accommodation costs, it also helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

Think recycling

We are advocates of ecologically friendly kitchen equipment, and actively seek energy efficient solutions that minimise waste and the use of hazardous cleaning chemicals.  At 41 Portland Place we recycle glass, cans, paper and cardboard and our printer cartridges.

For further information about your event at 41 Portland Place email enquiries@41portlandplace.com or call Hannah on 020 3176 2177.

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