Eat the Rainbow Showcase

On Wednesday night, 41 Portland Place hosted a showcase event titled ‘Eat the Rainbow’ for some very special clients. The event was in conjunction with caterers Harbour & Jones who are our in house caterers here at 41 Portland Place. The event was to be a culinary spectacular centred around bright and colourful food and creating meals that are beautiful and exciting as well as delicious.

Chef Jools took up the challenge to create a brand new coloured canapé menu and impressive three course menu for our guests.

When our guests arrived they were greeted with deliciously colourful canapés to accompany their drinks. Canapés included a Foie Gras Lollipop with Orange Gelatine Cover (vibrant orange), Crab stuffed in Green Gelatine creating a Crab Apple (green) and Tomato and Goats Cheese fashioned to look like a tomato (bright red). These fun canapés were also served with three colourful cocktails: Rubarb Basil Cocktail, Peach & Lavender Bellini and Strawberry- Basil Soda. From the moment guests stepped inside the Ann Rylands Room and Terrace, the bright and colourful ‘Rainbow’ theme was evident throughout the food and the floral decor that adorned the spaces.

After guests had finished mingling and tried every canapé and cocktail option, they were lead into the Council Chamber Room where they were met with two stunning long banquet tables with clustered coloured flowers creating a rainbow gradient along the table and entertainment from Blank Canvas. Each guest had a set seating space with coloured place card and eagerly awaited their first course.

While they waited, guests were served an orange Amuse Bouche to start off their colourful meal. Chilled carrot and coriander gazpacho hit just the spot as guests chatted amongst themselves. Chef Jools outdid himself with the strikingly yellow starter of burrata, roasted yellow pepper, endive, pickled yellow carrot & beet and crispy carrot & pepper jus.

The decadent main meal was slow cooked cannon and shoulder of lamb, beetroot puree, roasted baby beets, purple potato & crispy purple kale. Guests were in awe of the vibrant purple colour and mused as to what colour the last course would be.

Finally it was time for the unveiling of the final course. All guests were beckoned into the adjoining Reception Room and met with Harbour & Jones’ spectacular new ‘pudding wall’ created by Fisher staging. The gorgeous wall 2.4m wide by 1.2m high showed an impressive coloured rainbow acrylic shelving with many coloured treats including mini-cupcakes, house-made marshmallows, and macarons in strips of all the colours of the rainbow.

Thank you for all our lovely guests who attended and our wonderful suppliers that made this event such a colourful success!

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