Basement Renovations

Here at 41PP our basement floor is undergoing a drastic facelift! Our AMS1 Boardroom and Syndicate interview room located on the basement floor may seem a bit tucked away from our gorgeous and always on show ground floor and first floor event rooms; however they are never to be neglected!

The basement which holds our all important events kitchen where Chef Jools spends his days crafting delightful lunches and amazing desserts for our guests, our AMS1 Boardroom, Syndicate Room and our essential behind-the-scenes office spaces that makes the basement perhaps one of the most key spaces in our pretty townhouse venue.

Our team have been working behind the scenes to come up with a beautiful and inspiring way to spruce up our hall space and add interest and fun to the day of those attending events in these rooms.

The result is a bright and exciting half pink wall with gorgeous wallpaper of delicious and mouth watering main meals that will have the foodies staring all day long. Our favourite is the juicy lobster that we now want for dinner every night. All meals on the wall were prepared by our own Head Chef Jools in the very kitchen adjacent to the newly renovated spaces.

What do you think? Come check out our spruced up hall when you next book an event the AMS1 Boardroom or Syndicate Room. 

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