An Interview with Mary Jane Vaughan

As a preferred florist for our weddings and special events, we sat down with May Jane Vaughan to discuss the finer points of our favourite styling item: FLOWERS.

Mary Jane Vaughan started her business in the 1980’s, but it was only in 2008 that she and her team moved to a studio in Battersea, two minutes away from the flower market, to dedicate herself fully to events and weddings.  Now she works with a talented and energetic team of 15, and takes care of flowers in venues all over London.

Working closely with a venue such as 41 Portland Place is perfect, as they get to know what works best at our venue and can suggest different options to our brides. 

What made you want to be a florist?
I grew up in a family of flower growers, in Colombia, and was surrounded by flowers all my life.  Although flowers are the ultimate luxury, to me they are also an essential part of life, particularly when you live in a city.

What is your favourite flower?
My taste in flowers moves with season and also with time, as new varieties appear.

At the moment in summer we love peonies (who doesn’t?) and the Doctor Fleming variety- an old variety that has a deep interesting tone of pink.

In Spring, ranunculus, particularly the new variety called Clooney that is such a perfect flower. Winter with the amaryllis, and Autumn, the foliage and berries.

Do you believe in less is more or do you believe in over the top wedding?
I think less is more works in some venues, and over the top (or rather, very full), works best in others.

For Portland Place I think a midway between these two styles works well.

What flowers did you have in your wedding?
Glorious garden roses.

Do you have any tips for brides choosing flowers for their wedding?

Before meeting a florist, research the style you like so – romantic, full and blousy, soft and pretty? Woodland and magical? … In this way the florist can go straight into discussing your look and give you different options around it.

To check out her portfolio or get in contact, visit . 

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