A Dinner on the Thames


Our fabulous in house caterers Harbour & Jones outdid themselves on Wednesday night where they served a decadent 5 course meal dedicated to and created around the River Thames. Mixing the latest trends in cocktails, mocktails and puddings while paying homage to the history of food in London, Harbour and Jones created an amazing menu for their guests.

The evening began with a selection of nibbles for the 60 lucky guests. Parmesan lollipops, giant cheese straws and London gin cocktails kicked off the night. A fabulous 5 course menu followed, each course with its own story connecting guests to the theme of the night – the history of the London Thames.

See below for the creative menu created by head chefs at Harbour & Jones Events:

Amuse Bouche- London Particular

The London Particular takes its name from ‘pea souper’ the thick, dense and often greenish smog caused by pollution in early nineteenth century London.

Starter- Duck Eggs with Eel Soldiers

Reinforced in a feature in Time Out earlier this month ‘jellied eels are the original London street food’ and for over 200 years have been a unique export from our capital and its river.

Cleanser- St Clement’s

This non-alcoholic cocktail needs no introduction. Referring to the old English nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons, it is named after a London church. Either St Clement’s Eastcheap or St Clement’s Dames, it remains unknown.

Main- Roast Hoggart, breast pie, laver bread, cockles, Jeruselum artichoke, Jeruselum Articoke, tarragon

This dish harks back to the role of the River Thames in the forming and the fishing industry, which began in the early Middle Ages.  Sheep were grazed in huge flocks for both meat and wool, a valuable commodity.  Cockles have also been long inhabitants of the Thames. In 1967 it was estimated that in approximately 70 square miles of sand in the Thames Estuary, 17,000 million cockles could be fished.

Pudding- Thames Table

For the finale of the meal, the Thames Table there is an array of treats that map out our very own River Thames.

Want to taste some of Harbour & Jones Events’ creations yourself? Book your event at 41 Portland Place and see what all the fuss is about!

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