5 Reasons to have a Summer Wedding

Weddings are beautiful any time of the year. There are wonderful positives with getting married in every single season, however, we find that the classic London Summer Wedding always has a certain bright, fun vibe that can only come from walking down the aisle, with your friends and family decked out in summer dresses and sunglasses in the blaring sun. We love summer weddings so much that we’re sharing our top 5 reasons to have your wedding in the summer.

1. Weather

Some may joke that our pretty city doesn’t have a summer, however us Londoners know they’re wrong. Because we’ve been deprived of vitamin d for the better part of the year, we do the summer months in a big way. In summer, the residents of London are ready to go outside, to party on rooftops and soak up as much sun as humanly possible. Choosing to have your wedding in summer opens up your wedding choices so much more. Head outside and pick a wedding venue with an outdoor ceremony option or terrace for reception drinks- your guests will love you for it.

2. Summer Flowers

You don’t want to book your wedding date then realise your favourite flower will cost four times as much out of season – or even worse, be unavailable. Luckily, many of the ‘wedding favourite’ flowers are at their optimum time in the UK Summer. The always loved peonies are at their most gorgeous in May & June, crysanthemum, dahlia and freesia are other favourite wedding flowers that are perfect for summer.  

3. Guest Availability

The most annual leave days in the UK are taken in the summer months. This makes it easier for you, as many of your friends and family will already be planning to take a day off during this time. This is especially handy for you if you choose to have a weekday wedding – cheaper for you and many of your guests are likely to have already organised their leave days- win-win.

4. Dress Options

Booking your wedding in the warmer months means far more choice when it comes to dresses and suits for your bridal party & guests! Just imagine spending all that money on a beautiful wedding and bridesmaid dress, only to cover it up with your warmest winter coat in between photos? Not ideal. Summer means that your guests are more comfortable without having to layer up. It also means that the ‘I didn’t dress for the night cold’ cannot be an excuse for them to head home and miss out on dancing into the night with you and your hubby.

5. Photos

Our beautiful city glistens every season of the year – but in Spring Summer, the parks are the perfect back drop to your romantic wedding photos. Just imagine strolling down Regents Park, arm in arm with your new husband, looking your most beautiful as the sun is out and the flowers are colourful; perfection. 

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