5 Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

Yes, we may be slightly biased, but we believe our beautiful Georgian house is the perfect setting for any small* wedding. As our venue was originally built to be a very grand home and designed by one of the most prominent architects in Georgian Britain, we love the homely feel our guests get when they hold their wedding at our venue. Accommodating up to 60 guests for a wedding breakfast and ceremony, and up to 200 for a wedding reception, our entire house is yours to use as you wish. If all the perks of our gorgeous venue doesn’t entice you enough- we’ve come up with our favourite 5 reasons to keep your numbers low!

*Small is all relative – 60 may be small to some, where 20 may be small to others

1.       Go with Guest List A

Lately we’ve been speaking with couples that have come to our venue, fallen in love with the decor, looked at each other sighed and said ‘I guess we’ll stick to guest list A then!’ It seems many brides and grooms have their ‘Guest List A’ with their closest friends and family and their ‘must-invites’ and their ‘Guest List B’ with their friends of friends, family friends, work mates and bosses, that they feel they should invite, but sometimes they’d rather not! Choosing to have a smaller wedding means that you can cut the list to the people who really matter to you, and to those who are likely be there throughout your marriage too.

2.       More Intimate

Having fewer guests, means your wedding can be more intimate. We’ve spoken to brides who had over 200 guests, and although they loved their weddings, they mentioned that they regretted that they weren’t able to get around and see all their guests. With a smaller wedding, you have the luxury of being able to actually spend time with your guests, and also get them involved in your wedding. Having a more intimate wedding also means that speeches and vows can be as open as you like – as these are the people that know you and all your inside jokes. You won’t have to worry what your boss or your 3rd cousin’s, friend’s, date thinks of your wedding. This gives you time to relax and enjoy every exciting minute of your day!

3.       Budget

Probably one of the biggest and main reasons that couples choose to keep their weddings small is to keep their budget down. Whatever you spend your money on or whatever your annual salary, a wedding is likely to take a big chunk of your savings. Choosing a smaller guest list and smaller venue will help keep those costs from getting out of hand. Yes, this day is important and every girl deserves the wedding of her dreams, but at the end of the day, you will be married to the ‘love of your life’ (now we’re getting soppy!) whether you get married in front of 2 people or 300 people, and that’s the main thing.

4.       Do it Your Way

Moving completely in the other direction- saving money on venue and guest list can mean that you can put more money into the areas that mean the most to you! Dying for a 3 month long honeymoon? Is your dream dress a Vera Wang with Christian Louboutin pumps? Always imagined walking into your wedding breakfast room with floor to ceiling flowers covering every inch? Sounds amazing! Instead of your entire budget being blown on 200 guest meals, you can choose where your extra dosh will go! Having a smaller wedding allows you to add the special touches that you always dreamed, that will make your wedding uniquely you.

5.       Less Stressful

With a smaller guest list and a smaller venue – there are fewer things that can go wrong! There are less people who might be no-shows (how dare they!) and less people to worry about organising accommodation for from overseas or out of state. At our venue the entire house is yours to use exclusively – so no stress about what will happen if your suppliers turn up early, if you might bump into another bride (NOT what you want!) or if there will be a place for nan to go to get away from the loud music. At our 41 Portland Place, our Wedding Coordinators and Operations staff are also there to ensure your wedding is as stress-free as possible!

Clearly, we’re a big fan of the smaller weddings, if you are too, contact our Wedding Coordinators to arrange a site visit or make a booking for our next Wedding Open Day!

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