5 Different Entertainment Options For Your Wedding

Weddings are beautiful, exciting and (hopefully for most) one of the most memorable and important days in the life of a Bride & Groom. As beautiful and exciting as they are, they can also be long-winded, tiring and (dare we say it) dull. We’re here to help you avoid the boring wedding and instead create a wedding that your guests will be raving about for months later!

Bouncing Castle

When did we ever stop loving jumping castles? Sometime between birthday cupcakes at primary school and 6th form we stopped adding these old inflatable party staples and opted for a few drinks at the pub. We say bring back the Bouncing Castle- add one to your wedding and watch your guests have fun like they were kids again.

Water Colourist

Caricaturists have come and gone – now is the time for the on location water colourist to capture you and your guests on your big day. Besides, who really wants to be reminded of their big nose on their wedding day, and you just know that your picture will involve a ball and chain if you go with a Caricaturist…

Original Photo booth

Do away with the typical point and shoot photo booth with the boring backdrops. Entertain your guests with a different style photo booth such as a mini teepee, big comfy couch or chair or other fun element to jazz up the classic photo booth. Add a video camera to your booth and get your guests to record video messages – an amazing way to remember your wedding and see how much fun your friends and family are having hidden away in a cosy tepee!

Food Trucks & DIY Food Bars

Hire a champagne, hot dog or cronut food truck for your guests to stuff their faces while you’re off taking photos. Adding a DIY element to your food options gets your guests talking. Our favourite is the DIY Juice bar, where you arrange a plethora of ingredients for your guests to create their own unique fruit juice (perfect for Summer day weddings!).

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor games aren’t a new one – but try thinking up some more inventive games that haven’t been done to death. We love the ‘human ring toss’ where a hula hoop is thrown over a guest instead of a wooden pole. While you’ve got the hula hoops out, you may as well start a competition with that too – anything to make your guests laugh, that’s out of the norm and will get people up and having a good time. Tip: try the hula hooping competition after a few pre-reception drinks for extra laughs. 

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