41PP the first venue to launch a mobile app

The launch of a new custom mobile App for stylish London conference venue 41 Portland Place marks the dawn of a whole new event planning experience for busy agents and bookers eager to do their venue research and manage their event admin on the go. It’s also set to transform the event delegate’s experience.

Mobile internet use is booming – 17.6 million people used their mobile phone to access the internet this year (a 23% leap on 2009’s statistics), which represents 45% of all internet users1 – and as a result, 41 Portland Place has recognised the need to be the first UK meetings, conferences and events venue to invest in the build of a dedicated venue and event management App.

Crafted by mobile marketing specialist Andrew Pink at Design Haus, the free business App, available now through Android Market and the Apple Store, or by scanning the branded QR code, transforms the ease at which event organisers can access room specifications and advice on the event types best suited to the venue. It also incorporates an interactive map plotting useful amenities near to 41 Portland Place, such as coffee shops, restaurants and pharmacies, plus seasonal menus, team contacts and historical venue facts. “The App has been designed to mirror the strong brand identity of 41 Portland Place, while allowing the client easy navigation of information via their iPhone, iPad or Android wherever they are.

For event delegates and organisers alike, the App offers a unique, secure login section called “My Event”, which can be accessed via any phone with an internet connection. It creates a virtual hub for use by delegates, allowing them secure access to practical information such as the event programme, the list of attendees, and any other resources uploaded to the App by the event organiser including speaker presentations or break out group information .

Speaking of the logic behind creating a 41 Portland Place business app, Events Sales Coordinator Hannah Evans says, “We pride ourselves on combining period elegance and modern style so The Academy of Medical Science at 41 Portland Place wanted to be the first meetings, conference and events to create a mobile App to take advantage of current technology trends. This is really exciting  as it creates a new USP for our sales team.

It not only serves as a digital venue brochure, allowing us to reduce the quantity of printed collateral we produce but it allows us to use  technology to  continually improve and evolve the customer experience. The “My Event” section, will indicate staff that will be servicing your event and the additional services we can provide so we’re using the technology to enhance customer satisfaction. Organisers can also use this section to promote social media links and discussion threads to create an online buzz before and during their event. After the event, this section can be used to store downloadable presentations, minutes from the meeting or  event photos, something we think event organisers will find really valuable.”

For more information about 41 Portland Place’s mobile application please email enquiries@41portlandplace.com or call Hannah on 020 3176 2177.

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