4 Steps to Host a Wine Tasting

At 41 Portland Place, we are self confessed lovers of wine. Wine of all kinds, red, white, sparkling, CHAMPAGNE. What better way to end Winter and begin the London Spring season, than host a wine tasting?

This week, Justerini & Brooks held their wine tasting at our venue and we thought we’d share our Top 4 Tips of how to host a fancy wine tasting for you and your colleagues!

1. Choose the Perfect Venue

Elegant, grand, regal… a Grade II listed Georgian townhouse designed by James Adam in 1773 and located in central London sounds like pretty perfect place to sip on the finest merlot to us… Not that we’re at all biased.

2. Add some amazing Wines

This should be the easy part! You don’t have to work for Champagne Laurent-Perrier or Moet & Chandon to hold a posh party. Use our fabulous wines from our delicious wine selection – make sure you pick a few of each kind of wine to please everyone (and maybe a few extra Champagnes, because let’s face it, you can never go wrong with Champagne!). Or, if you have any specific wines you just HAVE to have, bring it along and our staff will serve at a small corkage fee.

3. Invite Wine Lovers

Invite all those wine lovers & friends – leave those beer drinkers and whiskey enthusiasts at home (just kidding, we can have them too- we’ll just exile them to the Reception Room).  Gather your favourite people, turn up the classical tunes and act a little classy while drinking your favourite prosecco.

4. Cheese Cheese Cheese

No wine tasting is complete without CHEESE and biscuits. Lucky for you, our head chef Julian has you covered! Aged Chedder, Goat Gouda, Blue Cheese, Brie, and Camembert, all the amazing ones and more come on our delicious platter that may even have your guests coming for the cheese rather than the wine! (If we’re honest we spend 70% of the night nibbling at the Camembert, evil eying the girl who took the last of the Brie).

Now if all this talk of wine and cheese hasn’t got you excited to host a wine tasting (or at least for the start of your weekend!) then come view our venue or chat to our events team in person and I’m sure I can change your mind!

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